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Repair economy and modular construction

We deal with the topic of the upcoming repair society or repair economy. This orientation avoids rubbish
and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Repair economy represents the future of economic tradings.

MoRobo relies on the repair economy and modular construction:
What does repair economy mean? Devices are manufactured in such a way that they have a modular
structure and easy to repair.

The following applies to all products and services: Repair economy.

We are specifically committed to this through our own behavior, lectures and guest comments.
Many spare parts are no longer available, so we manufacture special parts for further use.
Consequently, that is also part of our work.
MoRobo relies on the repair economy!

In this context, we started to repair defective devices as early as 2014.
It started with a fully automatic coffee machine for your own use.
Household robots, learning toys respectively learning robots and related devices were added later.

Through a broadcast on TV (WDR) we were able to learn that there is finally a name for this
species of economic activity gives:

The Fraunhofer Institute named the idea of making products repair-friendly and upgradeable again: Repair economy.

Repair economy products

For example, we offer you refurbished household robots, learning robots, coffee fully automatic machines
and many other machines that make life more pleasant.
With the brand “ Neufeldt & Kuhnke ” we go one step further:
Everything we build are custom-made products made from devices, machines and furniture that can no longer be used.

This includes all Neufeldt & Kuhnke “upcycling” products.
With this brand we want to show that sustainability is not only environmentally conscious, but can also bring out
wonderful new things. In the modular sense of the repair economy, all products from Neufeldt & Kuhnke (NuK)
are designed to be repair-friendly. In addition, every NuK device can be easily upgraded.

To begin with, you will see an example of innovative products made from bulky waste.
The VEB Stern radio was defective as well as dirty and should be thrown away.

Now the USB powered radio is a technical highlight. We installed a
Multiroom Audio System from the Leipzig company Max2Play .
In addition, the entire system is supplied with power via USB. The power is sufficient
to enable a comfortable loudness even with a power bank.

Refurbished devices, especially robots

The most important pillars of our company are products and services of the
repair economy. As early as 2014, we began to make defective devices ready for the market again.

You can get the following refurbished devices from us:

Household robots
For example: A Samsung SR 8855 vacuum robot
Learning robot
This is an easily programmable learning robot. So
everyone can learn to program quickly and easily.
Fully automatic coffee machine
Smart Home elements
sensors / actuators / central units
Parts and accessories
for your robot