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    3D printing

    shelf base

    Everyone knows them: The little feet that are supposed to give our shelves firmness.However, they often fall off when the shelf is set up or do not sit properly shortly after assembly. Conclusion: The shelf is crooked and, in the…

  • 3D printer
    3D printing

    Renkforce RF100 3D printer

    With the help of this 3D printer we already making many useful things. These machines can print three-dimensional workpieces. The production takes place from different materials. These are applied layer by layer, thus creating three-dimensionality. Unfortunately, many spare parts are…

  • 3D printing

    3D printing – angles

    Made a usable angle using 3D printing!Surely you know the problem too! You buy a metal shelf and there are far too few of the necessary stiffeners in the box. In addition, the shelf often wobbles a lot after assembly.…

  • 3D printing

    3D print (model ZMORPH VX)

    For many weeks and months I dealt with the topic of “3D printers” in advance. Fascinated by the idea and this new technology, I tackled this project. In April 2018, I received my first order for 3D printing. My choice…