• News

    Beach cleaning

    This year we went on a well-deserved vacation on Pellworm Island.In addition to the usual things that you do next to “let your soul dangle”, I still have for myself discovered another task. Here you can see me in action…

  • grundig_musiktruhe

    Grundig music chest

    After a good 4 weeks break, work on the music boxes will start again today. The Grundig brand was a symbol of the West German economic miracle and was valid for a long time as a traditional company. The quality…

  • HIFI

    Sonora Excellence-I radio

    We continue with our radio upcycling projects!We own an original Sonora radio, model Excellence 200, estimated to date from 1945. The device comes from France and we were able to purchase it for our remodeling! Below you can see the…

  • regalfuß
    3D printing

    shelf base

    Everyone knows them: The little feet that are supposed to give our shelves firmness.However, they often fall off when the shelf is set up or do not sit properly shortly after assembly.Conclusion: The shelf is crooked and, in the worst…

  • 3D printer
    3D printing

    Renkforce RF100 3D printer

    With the help of this 3D printer we already making many useful things. These machines can print three-dimensional workpieces. The production takes place from different materials. These are applied layer by layer, thus creating three-dimensionality. Unfortunately, many spare parts are…

  • 3D printing

    3D printing – angles

    Made a usable angle using 3D printing!Surely you know the problem too! You buy a metal shelf and there are far too few of the necessary stiffeners in the box. In addition, the shelf often wobbles a lot after assembly.…

  • Upcycling

    Nordmende Arabella music cabinet

    We always had the plan to create special house bars out of old music chests.A modern house bar was to be created from a beautiful Nordmende Arabella music cabinet. The house bars have now become an integral part of our…