About us

My name is Jörg Baltschun and I am very pleased that you are interested in this “ABOUT US” page!

At first I concentrated with the company MoRobo on the areas of automation, IT consulting and IT service,
in which I have already successfully established myself.

I carried out my hobby and my passion for upcycling parallel to my job. Then my brand Neufeldt & Kuhnke was created.

Read everything here about the beginning of the company MoRobo and Neufeldt & Kuhnke.

I act according to the motto: Old doesn’t mean garbage!

On the following pages you will learn a lot about my career and the new start of Jörg Baltschun’s professional life in Kiel.
The corresponding links can be found below.

My tools and other work utensils are not always bought new, but still fully functional.
I also value the use of natural products in my work.

Here you can find out more about my new start in Kiel, my company Neufeldt & Kuhnke and about the use of my tools and work equipment:


You are welcome to follow my current projects on Instagram!

I am always grateful for helpful tips, constructive contributions or old products that I can breathe new life into.
Be it in the field of vintage upcycling or modern technologies.
I am open to new challenges!