Who are we?

Our business areas are represented by the brands MoRobo and Neufeldt & Kuhnke.

MoRobo, our brand for the IT sector. As an enabler, MoRobo provides the latest technology, especially for the Neufeldt & Kuhnke brand.

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We offer the following technologies and services under the brand name MoRobo:

– IT service based on Univention Corporate Server and Linux
– Smart home
– Service for household robots
– 3D printing: Development and production of special parts and spare parts, e.g. the Neufeldt & Kuhnke LSLX-1 loudspeaker connector

We make dreams come true!

With our know-how we implement your ideas and there are no limits even to the color design! For our ladies also in pink!
Our fascinating lighting design also leaves nothing to be desired!

Neufeldt & Kuhnke, the brand par excellence since 1899! The topic: Upcycling and circular economy.
Make yourself here a picture of the history of our origins.
Our motto upcycling is reflected in our products: True to the moth from old to new! Beautiful ancient treasures are brought to new life!
Throwing away is not an alternative for us! We make every product one certified one of a kind. By installing the latest technology, such as:

– Minicomputer
– Touch screen
– Radio controlled clockwork
– Installation of branded amplifiers
– Max2Play multiroom audio software
– and much more.

you can expect highlight products from the area IOT upcycling.

A nice selection is available for purchase in our etsy shop.