Wega radio with Bluetooth hands-free system

With this Wega Team 1000 radio I have set myself the following goal:
The radio should work normally again, the dial lighting should be sufficiently bright and it should have Bluetooth. In addition, it should have a speakerphone so that you can make really cool phone calls in the home office.

So, let’s go with the Wega Team 1000 radio with Bluetooth hands-free system.

First test run of the dial illumination
First test run of the frequenzy scale disk lighting

Here you can get your first impressions of the reconstruction “Wega radio”.
The lighting is rewired and equipped with a new light source. Then I treated the background of the scale with mirror foil so that the light is better distributed.

Aufbereitung des Furniers

I also had to devote myself to the wooden casing. I sanded this with 400s paper. The grooves were then cleaned with a toothbrush and damp cotton wool. Then I applied furniture wax from @hermannsachse. The finish was done with Schleierfrei, also by @hermannsachse.

Unfortunately the frequenzy scale disk has shattered.

Reparatur der Skalenscheibe des Radios

Fortunately, I was able to repair this with a Pattex glass glue. Instead of the given 60 seconds, I press the parts together a little longer as a precaution. For this I like to use a watch with a seconds display.

Check USB power before connecting the transmitter

USB measuring device before connecting the Bluetooth transmitter.

I bought this USB measuring device from Conrad Elektronik. The system voltage of the radio is 7.5 volts. I limited this to 5.1 volts.

Before I connect the Bluetooth FM transmitter, however, I first wanted to see whether everything was OK. Therefore the measuring device was connected first, voltage checked, then the transmitter behind it in series. In this way you can also see how much current the device is drawing. The measuring device will serve me well in many other projects. For example with the Arabella music cabinet.

Bluetooth USB FM transmitter with hands-free kit
The sound received via Bluetooth is transmitted over the displayed frequency.

The FM transmitter already installed. All electronics can be found in the battery box. The cable can be pulled out after opening the box so that the transmitter can be placed on the table.
This facility makes the old WEGA team the ultimate cool hands-free system.

The finale: Music from your smartphone via Bluetooth

The WEGA Team 1000 radio completely rebuilt
Here now the completely converted WEGA Team 1000 with an FM transmitter attached to the side.