About me

The MoRobo restart in Kiel begins! I come with brand new projects!

MoRobo starts its existence before in Duisburg and in Düsseldorf.
The company had been based in Essen since 2012. At the end of 2018 I finished my work in the retail sector and started my new start in Kiel with completely new projects.

The motivation came from my vision: To bring old things to new life. With rebuilding measures, some of the antique objects can be used to create contemporary and reusable treasures.

For this purpose, a wood workshop was set up in the first step
(New project phase 1).
As a preventive measure, such a wood workshop should be separated from the rest of the rooms in order to keep the odor and dust nuisance for the others as low as possible.

Small gifts keep friendship alive!

Many thanks to Daniel Gieseler (from the Fischbar in Kiel) for this stylish rubbish bin.
We were very happy to receive this gift!


As part of my renovation and modernization measures, I have of course also devoted myself to the sanitary room. The practical large mirror comes into its own with the LED spot!

I was also very happy about the donated refrigerator!

My variant of storing milk in a Beck’s refrigerator is questionable, of course. The picture is only used as an illustration, because the milk was replaced by healthy Beck’s beer shortly after this shot.

By the way, I’m still looking for a suitable adhesive for LED interior lighting. Please use the contact form I am always grateful for tips!

Further plans:

I am currently busy selling the old stock from the shop in Essen, for which I am considering various online platforms. In order to be able to show these representatively, I still need usable product photos. There is enough work: Let’s tackle it!

Oddly enough, a couple of IKEA shelves were left over after assembly. Of course, I immediately used this to design the first version of my great, professional photo studio. In the meantime I have also improved the look of the studio, although the basic construction has remained unchanged.

In addition, with all the preparations to successfully start the MoRobo restart in Kiel, my own workplace must not be forgotten:

The wooden table (shown in the picture) is estimated to be over 100 years old, but it is and remains an eye-catcher! The plan is that by 2020 he will be spiced up a bit and be allowed to experience a beauty treatment.

Most recently, a kitchen cabinet was added in spring 2019. The picture gallery here should be only a foretaste. He still gets his own story! The new start in Kiel was worth it, I think!

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