Speaker plug

Here you see original Neufeldt & Kuhnke speaker plugs für Pioneer amplifier/ receiver SA/LX/SX.
They are suitable e.g. LX440 (A), SX727, SX525

Made in Germany, each part is individually checked!

After there were no more plugs to buy for the beautiful Pioneer receivers from the 1970s
and it seemed impossible to use an off-the-shelf speaker solution to connect these receivers, I decided
to completely redesign the connector.

The positive pole is provided with a 4 x 1.5 mm thick copper bar, the negative pole with a 6.3 x 1.5 mm copper bar.

We therefore have enough material to adequately supply even thick cables.

I designed the plugs so that up to 4mm² cables can be used.

Product features:

– Separate colors (red for right speaker, blue for left)
– Plus and minus engraved on the plug with a recess
– Plug made from environmentally friendly PLA (polylactic acid)
– Solid brass screws
– Thick copper bars for good sound and low resistance
– Made in Kiel, Germany
– Every single connector has been checked for fit on our Pioneer LX440.

This housing of the LSLX-1 is made here in Kiel on a Renkforce RF-100 3D printer.
The copper bars are cut, deburred and hammered in on site.
The screws come from the local dealer, just a few kilometers away.
Due to the way it is manufactured, the plug has a rough surface that is usual for 3D
printing surface, this is production-related and cannot be changed at first.

A polished version will follow!

Updated version:


There are two months between these two images. On the right you can see old version and the new version on the left of the Neufeldt and Kuhnke LSLX-1 version 2.

We were able to solve numerous production problems. In addition, the PLA for the left connector was changed from blue to anthracite.
This has less to do with the color and more to do with the fact that the dark PLA is of better quality. The first customer from Switzerland
has already received the new version. All other interested parties can buy the plugs in our Etsy shop from March 15th.

We are proud that a niche product from Germany is sold particularly often to the USA. 60% of the production goes abroad.
The speaker plugs for Pioneer SX, LX and SA are a real hit!