Art Nouveau door fitting

Here we have an Art Nouveau door fitting. It was used to improve the functionality of a door and its appearance.
There are historical fittings from different eras.
These are available in different versions. These include embossed and cast fittings.

This door fitting is a cast model.

In its original state it was not very handsome. Therefore, a thorough reconditioning followed.

For this we needed:

– Wire brush
– 1000 grit sandpaper
– Sisal
– Felt

We then polished up the last fine details with a toothbrush. With good care, the condition will continue to exist and make every door something special! These fittings harmonize perfectly with any type of wood.

The numbers 158 and 72 are stamped on the back of the fitting. The 72 stands for the distance standard.


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