Bedside lamp

This small bedside lamp has its origins in the 60s or 70s.
You can see this from the permanently casted plug (see picture).
She pretends to be from her 20s in a flirtatious way.

But that really cannot be the case with the existing cable.
As with other articles before, this lamp is ideal for the vintage-modern look.
It was supposed to be sold, but now it’s in my home.

Work steps:

I was able to clean the plastic switch very well with the plastic cleaner from Elsterglanz.
– Otherwise I diluted acetic acid with hot water and did a lot of polishing work.
– Then I rewired the lamp using a textile cable and a vintage plug.

Lovers of such lamps will understand me! It now adorns my dresser at home.

Unfortunately, this bedside lamp is no longer available for purchase, but you can find other beautiful vintage items in our Etsy shop or in our rubric light. The topic of upcycling is important to us. Not every product that seems unusable at first glance also has to be disposed of in the garbage. As a result, many interesting treasures have emerged in the course of our vintage upcycling journey. Just make sure you stop by!

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