Russian factory or bunker lamp from 1989!

Collectors of robust technology are at the right place here!
This Russian bunker lamp was manufactured in November 1989, and the Berlin Wall fell in the same month.

This makes the lamp an ideal gift, for example on Independence Day or the Day of German Unity.

The lamp is waterproof according to IP54 and can therefore be operated without any problems in damp rooms, in the basement or outside.

Inside we find robust technology. You can dismantle the lamp piece by piece. Very few tools are required. A slotted screwdriver is sufficient.

Due to the massive construction, the factory lamp is suitable for any use, no matter how difficult the weather, and it also beautifies your interior in industrial style.

Bunker lamp

The E27 socket accepts many commercially available light sources and is made of porcelain, the best there is in this area.

The glass is took off with quick-release fasteners: Turn to the left until the arrow is at the bottom.

This lamp has a porcelain socket. I think this detail is so beautiful that I left it that way.

It was electrically revised by me.

An IEC cable, which is used in computers, serves as a connection cable.

The connection length is a full 1.60 m! This gives you the freedom to design how you want to use the lamp.

Unfortunately, these cables often end up in the garbage because there are too many of them.
Due to their high quality, I am very happy to work with them.


I wired all 3 wires, including the earth, through, unfortunately almost nobody does that anymore.

The cable can be exchanged within a few minutes.

In addition, when you buy a new LED light from Osram in warm white with 5.5W, you get 470lm brightness.

The bunker lamp is fully functional and can be used immediately with the Schuko plug.

See for yourself:

The beautiful piece is available for purchase on Etsy! Just make sure you stop by!

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