Junghans wall clock

Here we have another small project: A Junghans Exacta wall clock,
which until now is equipped without any technology and makes a somewhat damaged impression.
Junghans clocks are valued worldwide.

Their extraordinary design is known and loved to this day! As a result, not only collectors and enthusiasts are excited to these models.

My idea was to convert it into an extraordinary object. As a lover of old clocks as well as a connoisseur, the idea was born.

Take a look at what has become of it:

The Junghans clock glass is shown here.

The plan was to convert a Junghans Exacta kitchen clock into a radio clock. In combination with a champagne cooler, we wanted to make it into a very special object. Here you can see our first attempt.

Different views:

The work pays off! On the one hand we have Retro Charm with radio-controlled clockwork, on the other hand a bottle of Schlumberger sparkling wine inside.

In addition, I attached the clock to an aluminum ring. This construction is attached to the cooler with Velcro. The LEDs are powered by a 3 meter long USB cable. This created a perfect party timer!

I have always been personally interested in lighting effects, which is why I also offer special lighting design. Find out here more!

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