LOGO Innovationsfestival

Press releases about MoRobo at the second innovation festival in Kiel

The second innovation festival took place in Kiel on Saturday, August 31, 2019.
Around 60 participants took part.
We were also happy to participate!

There were various exhibitions, lectures, stands and workshops.
It was a very interesting experience to be part of this festival! There were many enriching conversations and good inspiration for further projects.

The innovation festival is part of a German-Danish project Veksel-Wirk. Here start-ups as well as established companies get the opportunity to present themselves and present great products.

You can get a good ideas of the innovations and developments in the region and beyond. Personally, I wouldn’t want to miss this great experience anymore. Perhaps some contacts will be retained for the future and nothing stands in the way of a lively exchange.

It was my first time there and was immediately able to score with a lot of attention. As a result, my efforts have paid off and my work has been rated positively.

You can get a picture of my booth of the MoRobo company here.

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