A design classic comes to life again

Although the Remington Lektro watch will soon be 70 years old, the design still fits in with today’s times!
It’s an everlasting style that is worth shining like new with a professional update. A real collector’s item!

I bought the Remington Lektro with a defective movement. However, it could be seen in the pictures that the ceramic shows no or only a few damage. After unpacking it, I was really relieved that apart from the defective clockwork everything was still intact.

After the cleaning, the technical remodeling measures followed:

For the Remington Lektro watch I got a UTS radio controlled movement, which is also compatible with the 1 cm thick dial. Now the installation work can begin:

In principle, the following sequence of work applies to radio-controlled clocks:

1. Install the movement, align precisely, and tighten.
2. Take out the cotter pin or the needle that fixes the clockwork at 12 o’clock.
3. Only now insert the battery!

On picture 3 you can see that the Remington Lektro watch is already receiving a radio signal. In the case of the movements I use here, this usually takes less than 3 minutes.

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