The Kiel radio

I was particularly pleased when I received the SABA S442 WLK radio (year of construction approx. 1940-1945) at the end of December 2018. Due to the special design, it took some time to complete all the remodeling work and for it to really be ready for use.

In addition, it should also be visually appealing! At the end of my work, I added a few special gimmicks. The people of Kiel will be happy!

When I received the radio, I couldn’t see much of the good condition described above: The wood was scratched, the covering incredibly dirty, some parts were missing and the entire electrical system was out of order. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be used anymore anyway. At least the back wall was still there.

First steps: Dismantling and cleaning

First, I wanted to take out the electrical system and roughly clean the radio. To do this, the bakelite and chrome had to be polished up. Home remedies were repeatedly used here: Stainless steel polish and plastic care in black. The wood was cleaned with soft soap.

Adapting the new technology

An Android car radio was built in, as a radio and amplifier are already built-in here. In addition, the 12-volt supply is a good basis for other consumers. 16 cm Clarion SRG1723R were used as speakers, which produce the necessary sound pressure. An illuminated on / off switch made the whole thing a little more modern. I also added an external USB port. With this you can not only charge a cell phone, but also play your own music collection without any problems.

Now came the visual improvement and the installation of various gimmicks

The display should be lying on acrylic glass and thus completely fill the original area. The additional technology, such as the power supply, etc., could not be visibly installed under a board. In addition, the radio was given interior lighting and a matching cover fabric. But: What use was the interior lighting if there was nothing to see inside? This question had delayed the whole project for a few weeks – until I came up with the brilliant idea: A map of Kiel and a few typical Kiel objects should make the SABA radio complete and something very special! There was also a second illuminated switch to display the image from a camera. The result is impressive!

The SABA radio can be purchased in our Etsy shop.

Stena Line, Color Line and Freya

The GPS antenna works as soon as it is positioned near the window.