Woodwork – entry into the restoration

I had the idea to equip old furniture with new technology.
In addition, it is of course very practical if you also have the appropriate know-how
to recondition this furniture through appropriate woodwork.

At first I didn’t know how to proceed. Therefore, I dealt explicitly with this topic, read through various forums and websites and watched informative videos on YouTube. This small kitchen cabinet was the first object to be refurbished! It can begin!

As you can see from the picture, the condition of the closet was not so great when I got it. You can see clear grease and water stains, cloudy chrome (which you could no longer recognize as such), dirty handles and rusted hooks. Conclusion: The cabinet first had to be cleaned thoroughly!

The handles made of Bakelite were be polished up. The chrome was also easy to clean, the chrome layer being very thin. Some caution was required here. I cleaned the metal parts with a lot of vinegar essence and very little water.

Now the wood should be sanded

I started my woodwork with quite coarse sandpaper (120 grit). Then I always used finer sandpaper up to the 400. On the right picture you can see the before and after effect quite well.

Half oil must be prepared

Half oil consists of 50% linseed oil finis and balsam turpentine. Both are absolutely natural materials and smell very pleasant. Apparently you could also use turpentine, but I decided on the natural variant.

Brushing and sealing with half oil

The half-oil is applied generously with the brush. The wood that is open after sanding soaks up the oil until it is completely saturated. This process should be repeated until the wood no longer absorbs oil.

The finished cupboard: Equipped with a few new parts and freshly sealed!

I replaced the rusted hooks with beautiful, new brass hooks and the clamps for the towels were polished up as best as possible. The result is quite impressive!

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