Stylish headphones

After the successful upcycling of the headphones of the Membra brand from the manufacturer Konski & Krüger from Berlin,
I wanted to go one step further:
Here you can see a pair of unbranded and unnamed headphones that I was able to purchase at auction.

The mixture of chrome and brass simply convinced me to create something new and beautiful!

In contrast to the Membra project (number: 0006) I have now opted for new headphone speakers from Monacor. The Monacor SP-39 should be installed, because these are the only speakers for headphones that appeared to fit the specifications.
A call to all HiFi enthusiasts:
If you know better equipment, I would be grateful for tips! However, the internal dimensions of the old headphones are limited to a diameter of 40 mm.

Dismantling and cleaning

First of all, the 90-year-old headphones had to be dismantled.

The earcups are just clicked in. The two screws hold the inside and should
not be removed until the top attachment has been removed.

Cleaning and polishing

When you are dealing with products and especially with technical devices that are almost 100 years old, then a single cloth for cleaning is nowhere near enough. As a result, I first cleaned the metal with vinegar cleaner and then cleaned the leather with soft soap. The polishing work was done with chrome plaster, available from the auto accessories.

You can see the result here using the earcups. Left: Before – Right: After
Here you can see earcups and holding forks.
Those who do too much polishing work have brass headphones.

This is the bracket.

Now the new material can be installed:

The Monacor SP-39 are now in use here. These were muffled with pure sheep’s wool.

Summer cables “The Square” (Made in Germany) are used as cables.

And of course Amphenol plugs were also used.
The transition from the stereo signal to the individual earpieces was made this time with colored tubing. The next time it could be a black hosepipe or even (when ordering) your preferred color.

And this is what the result looks like:

The stylish headphones sounds really great. The equipment, the cables, the plug and, last but not least, the good local sheep wool ensure a crystal clear sound! A headphone upcycling, which was really worth it!

Thanks to precise work-up, I was able to convert another model ready for use.

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