Headphones upcycling

I owned old TCM headphones and a much older Membra headphones from Konski & Krüger in Berlin.
Then I had the idea to create a new, improved model from these two.
Below is the report regarding my headphone upcycling:

I was able to bid for the Membra headphones at an affordable price. The first goal was that I wanted to get an idea of the inner workings.

Conclusion: This old technology was practically useless for today’s everyday life. The headphones were sold as inoperable anyway. So it quickly became clear to me: I wanted to create new headphones by means of upcycling, in which I kept the old housing and made it functional again.

The counterpart, a really unsightly TCM folding headphone, was quickly used.

The technology, including all the cabling and possible technical improvements, should now be fitted into the Membra housing.

Since the TCM loudspeakers did not fit properly, I had to cut off any superfluous plastic. In addition, my new plant should be extremely insulated and equipped with environmentally friendly, natural materials. What could be more obvious than using sheep’s wool?

In the end, I created a new sound experience from an old TCM and Membra headphone, which the original models could not even begin to do justice to! You can achieve a lot with good material and a pinch of craftsmanship!

Through precise processing, I was able to convert another model ready for use again using headphones upcycling.

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