Midcentury basement lamp

Our midcentury basement lamp is an ideal object for collectors and lovers of reduced industrial design to beautify your living space!
Midcentury is characterized by the flowing style, with organic curves as well as geometric shapes.

Furthermore, the boom in this type of lamp does not seem to be ending. It’s the style of the 30s to 60s, true to the motto: Classic-modern.

Thus, it represents optimal lighting for your extraordinary facility and is an absolute light classic! The perfect combination for your modern-vintage furnishing style. In terms of color, it is designed so that the lamp can be easily adapted to your existing color style.

This perfectly preserved lamp is also ideal as workplace lighting for the kitchen or office.

A modestly piece of jewelery for your apartment, too?

I have carefully cleaned and checked them! You can see the difference!

The lamp is functional and can be attached to the wall or ceiling immediately.

Work steps:

– Cleaning
– Checking the electrical parts
– Lamps tested
– Successful function test


– Width: 110 mm
– Depth: 100 mm
– Height: 130 mm

This beautiful lamp is available for purchase in our Etsy shop! Just make sure you stop by! We also have other vintage products for a wide variety of uses.

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