Sheet steel wall clock

This is a design classic:
Beautiful sheet steel wall clock! The wood is an imitation.

Due to the way it is made, I conclude that it dates from the 40s / 50s.
The production and style is kept simple and the material is also very simple.

The fading that can be seen is true to the original! It is therefore not an artificially
created vintage look, but rather age-appropriate wear and tear; but this
doesn’t make them appear any less splendid. Collectors will agree with me here.

I received this piece of jewelry without the clockwork! Therefore I installed a
new DCF-77 radio clockwork. So you get a fully functional radio controlled clock!
The clockwork is so quiet that the wall clock can also be used in the bedroom or
in any other room.

Furthermore, in addition to the new clockwork, I also installed new hands.
They give the clock the additional charm it deserves.
In order to preserve the fine rust, it was only cleaned superficially.

The sheet steel wall clock is only functional in Europe.

• Dimensions: Ø 30 cm, thickness / depth of approx. 9 cm

Sheet steel wall clock

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