The first new product: A ceramic clock

I wanted to breathe a little modern life into this old kitchen clock in the bourgeois Art Nouveau of the 40s or 50s.
Even if it sounds a bit strange as a product choice for upcycling at first, it was my first choice! The beautiful dial inspired me!
Enthusiasts of older watches should understand me here!

Since the ceramic clock was not well received by other buyers, especially since it had a defective winding mechanism, I was able to purchase it for  little money! You will find what you are looking for at various flea markets. There are many hidden treasures to be discovered there. Have lots of fun with it!


Work carried out:

I started to remove the old clockwork and adapt the dial to the new DCF-77 radio clockwork. Unfortunately, I had to drill through the ceramic for this. As you can imagine, this was a very thankless task …

If I had started wrong with the drill, the whole work would have been in vain due to the splintering of the ceramic and the watch would also have been destroyed.


But with a bit of luck (and of course my skill) this wasn’t really a hurdle for me either! The picture on the left shows the clock (for preparation) still without a pointer. The reverse side can be seen below:

At the end the new movement was fitted and et voila, here it is:

In the meantime the ceramic clock has been sold, so unfortunately I no longer had the opportunity to
to show a representative picture. However, I leave no limits to your imagination!

I have also put together the genesis of one other clock for you here: 
– Comtoise

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