3D printing

3D print (model ZMORPH VX)

For many weeks and months I dealt with the topic of “3D printers” in advance.
Fascinated by the idea and this new technology, I tackled this project.

In April 2018, I received my first order for 3D printing.

My choice fell on the “ZMORPH VX” model relatively quickly. In addition to the ability to print in 3D, it can also be used for laser, milling and even chocolate printing, among other things. That immediately convinced and impressed me!

The first attempts were really nerve-wracking! You shouldn’t necessarily consult the self-proclaimed 3D printing experts, but rather use the “learning-by-doing” method.
I made this experience quickly and learned from it. The “ZMORPH VX” from 2018 was equipped with a print head of the “ZMORPH SX” which the software unfortunately does not recognize as a VX print head.
You should therefore adjust the settings accordingly and you will get the desired print result! 


My current 3D workplace

To illustrate what such a workplace could look like, I have included a corresponding picture here. To get the results you want, you need a good computer and two large monitors.

What do you need?

Your computer should be suitable for CAD software (CPU, memory, graphics card accordingly powerful), because the equipment should not cause your project to fail right from the start. Nothing ventured nothing gained! Do you have any further technical questions? I am happy to help you and we will find a solution to your problem!

Have my products aroused your interest?
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